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Wall Mounted Air Con Units

Wall Mounted Air Con Units

Why Choose Daikin?

Daikin is the world leader when it comes to air conditioning and heating. Thanks to our constant innovation in comfort, energy efficiency, control and reliability we define the benchmarks for quality within the industry.

Ururu Sarara

Complete climate control with (de)humidification, air purification & ventilation with top efficiencies in heating & cooling.

Low Inverter

Discreet wall mounted unit providing high efficiency and comfort.


Stylish brings together excellent design and technology to deliver a total climate solution for any interior. Users can choose from three distinct colours (white, silver and blackwood).


The Daikin Emura is the result of ongoing research into creating superior air conditioning solutions for European interiors. Premium design with two stylish finishes: silver and anthracite or pure matt white.

Standard Wall Mount

This all-in-one heating and cooling unit purifies the air year round. Using electrons to trigger chemical reactions with air molecules, the flash streamer captures viruses and allergens leaving you with a cleaner indoor environment.


Why choose a wall mounted unit?

Wall mounted units are simple to install and can be
less intrusive than floor mounted units. They can be
placed discreetly, high on a wall, where they do not
distract from your décor. Whether your rooms are
large or small, we have units with the capacities to
provide the climate you want and which suit your
budget. We can offer you anything from highefficiency design units, to units which offer excellent
value for money.

One room or more, the choice is yours

By choosing a multi outdoor unit, you can connect up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit to create the perfect climate everywhere in your property. All the indoor units can be individually controlled and do not need to be installed in the

What is an air-to-air heat pump?

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Save space with a multi outdoor unit

A multi outdoor unit not only allows you to connect up to five indoor units, it also saves you precious space on your balcony, terrace, wall or garden, as you only need one outdoor unit for all your cooling and heating requirements.

Thinking beyond today

Energy Efficiency

From 2025 on, the European F-gas regulation prescribes the use of refrigerants with a GWP below 750 for all pair split air conditioning installations with a refrigerant charge below 3kg. R-410A (GWP 2087.5) will remain available for other applications and service.

Daikin first introduced R-32 in 2012. Its low GWP
of 675, competitive energy efficiency, safety and
affordability make it very attractive. Since 2016,
Daikin has offered you a unique Bluevolution
range of pair and multi units that once again sets
the benchmark for residential air conditioning.
An intelligent and fresh design combines leading
efficiency values with the highest level of comfort.

An old friend who doesn't make trouble

Using R-32 is not unknown territory because R-410A is a blend of 50 % R-32 and 50 % R-125. Additional benefits of using the single component refrigerant R-32 include the prevention of fractioning or gliding problems and easier recharging and recycling. 

With working pressures similar to R-410A, R32 offers the possibility of charging in both liquid and gas phase. Thanks to the availability of tools suitable for both R-32 and R-410A equipment, deciding on the Daikin Bluevolution range is easy.

Always in control, no matter where you are

The Daikin Online Controller application can control and monitor the status of
your heating system or up to 50 split air conditioning units and allows you to:



  • Monitor the status of your air conditioning or heating system
  • Consult energy consumption graphs


  • Schedule the set temperature and operation mode with up to 6 actions per day for 7 days
  • Enable holiday mode
  • View in an intuitive mode
  • Integrate 3rd party products & services via IFTTT
  • Demand control/power power limitation (Split only)


  • Control the operation mode, set temperature, fan speed and powerful mode, air direction and filtering (streamer) function
  • Remotely control your system and domestic hot water
  • Control multiple units, zone by zone (Split and Daikin Altherma integrated bi-zone only)

Wall Mounted (advance)

Conveniently surface mounted Also for rooms with no false ceilings

  • Combinations with Sky Air Advance serien ensures good value for money for all types of commercial applications
  • Flat, stylish front panel blends easily within any interior and is easier to clean
  • Can easily be installed in both new and refurbishment projects
  • Reduced energy consumption thanks to specially developed DC fan motor
  • The air is comfortably directed up and down to suit your needs, thanks to 5 different discharge angles that can be programmed via the remote control
  • Maintenance operations can be performed easily from the front of the unit